incredible energy, drive and vision

Rachel has incredible energy, drive and vision, which she gives to her every task. In a short time she reinvigorated The Design Partnership's marketing and business development teams and encouraged those around her to strive for their best. 

Rachel also leads with eloquence and purpose. She is a joy to work with and for. I highly recommend her.

— Elizabeth Cox

one of the best writers in the PR industry

Because of Rachel’s diligent work ethic and charming personality, I immediately felt and shared Rachel’s desire to succeed. She is one of the best writers in the PR industry, and my own professional skills have grown tremendously thanks to her skill and guidance.

— Jonathan Pappas

Rachel is amazingly amazing. 

We first worked together when I was at Apple Computer as QuickTime Architect. Rachel was my PR agency account contact. Because of that productive experience, I brought her on board when I co-founded Generic Media several years later. 

At Generic Media, Rachel put the company on the map by effectively introducing the concept of on-the-fly streaming media transcoding. She secured recognition in business and trade media (e.g. Business 2.0, Streaming Media Magazine) and the respect of top industry analysts (e.g. EDVenture Holdings), results that got us positive attention from our investors. 

I have continued to turn to Rachel for PR advice, and I would work with her again at the next opportunity.

— Peter Hoddie

whipped our marketing efforts into shape

Because Rachel has gained so much of my respect over the years, I've actually hired her twice. Most recently, she whipped our marketing efforts into shape, formalized our outreach to the industry, and built efficiencies into our proposal process. She brought completely fresh thinking to how we approach business development, provided our Executive Team with very valuable insights into branding, and found innovative ways to engage our architects in business development.

— John Boerger

enthusiasm, professionalism, and subject matter expertise”

I worked directly with Rachel on media interviews, press releases, marketing pieces, and customer communication strategy related to AMB's global customers. Rachel brings just the right balance of enthusiasm, professionalism, and subject matter expertise to every experience. 

— Steve Callaway

"a rare combination of industry expertise, astute judgment and drive to stay ahead of changes"

exceptional communications skills”

Her ability to enhance the reputation of our company while creating and maintaining credibility with journalists is a delicate balance that she executes with precision. Rachel is highly intelligent and has exceptional communications skills. She is a loyal and supportive team member and her genuine enthusiasm for projects is infectious. She shares the limelight so that her team is recognized and motivated. Her writing is clear and concise, making it easy to understand by various audience levels. Her unique approach to every business situation is impressive and she is adept at managing resources to get the job done on time and on budget. She is an original thinker and her comments are always thoughtful, polished and prompt. 

Sara Klein

"on a global scale" 

Rachel was instrumental in creating AMB's robust and proactive media and PR program, on a global scale. 

Rachel's terrific communication and interpersonal skills enable her to develop strong relationships with AMB’s global management team. She nurtured these relationships to stay current with the company’s business and position herself to source compelling stories that could be shared with the media. Through commitment, persistence and a talent to develop strong relationships with key reporters, Rachel was very successful at placing stories in targeted trade, regional and top-tier publications. 

Through different (and sometimes difficult) phases of growth, I depended on Rachel to mentor our new international directors and manage the North America marketing initiative—all in addition to her primary PR and global media responsibilities.

Margan Mitchell

"a natural flair for communications"

Rachel joined Shafer fresh out of UC Berkeley, and from the start established herself as a go-to member of the team, committed to our success. She demonstrated a natural flair for communications, and an understanding of what was required to keep our clients happy with results that mattered. She was an impressive combination of tremendous potential, true desire to excel and humble hard work. As a result, she was courted by account teams on both the advertising and PR sides of the agency. Looking back at the start of her career, I'm not surprised she's gone on to achieve great things.

Stephanie Houser

Rachel Bennett stands out as a Makovsky + Company client and is in that small niche of our top 5% over our 30 years in business. As a professional communicator for one of the largest REITs in the world with responsibility for managing issues directly related to global trade, Rachel has a rare combination of industry expertise, astute judgment and drive to stay ahead of changes in a difficult market. She is a true partner who offers critical information as well as strategic perspectives that enable us to do an effective and impactful job in a truly collaborative environment. She is also an outstanding person to work with, and her disposition invites success.

Ken Makovsky

"the complete package"

Rachel is the consummate professional. She understands the tactics and implications of PR strategies. She has rock solid work ethic and her attention to detail is unmatched. And Rachel is just a pleasure to work with. Did I say how well connected she is? Rachel says she’s just fortunate to know great people. We all know better. Rachel is the complete package.

Pamela J. Alexandra

"a fresh, engaged, and creative approach to her work that is truly rare"

Rachel brings a fresh, engaged, and creative approach to her work that is truly rare. For instance when she was managing PR for the QuickTime group at Apple, she became overnight an authority on and passionate advocate for all things multimedia - some might say she "geeked out" - which was exactly what the assignment required. Her enthusiasm is unbridled, her sensibilities are finely tuned, and her curiosity and intellect about all things cultural are a delight.

Cate Zovod