As part of the Product Marketing and Developer Enablement team dedicated to the Alexa Voice Service, I partner with AVS Product Management and leading technology providers to launch services and tools that help device makers bring products to market. These resources for device makers include core Alexa capabilities, and development kits, Systems Integrators, and ODM devices qualified by Amazon.

In order to do this efficiently, I’ve refined Go To Market planning, to more clearly integrate marketing into the product development process, more closely align efforts, and ultimately involve marketing at the optimal stages of bringing products to market. 

Sampling of companies with which I’ve co-launched Alexa Voice Service solutions


Launch campaign across the Amazon Developer Portal, blog, social media, and newsletter

Alexa Voice Service launches in 2018

Items in ORANGE were owned by me

Items in ORANGE were owned by me

Presenting a talk at Amazon’s Lab 126

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Dev Kit launched, then cited by Jeff Bezos in Amazon’s 4Q2018 announcement

far field dev kit jeff bezos earnings quote.png